Economics & Personal Finance

Tutor: Rich Rundlett
Phone: (901) 326-9072

I find teaching to be both a joy and a privilege for me.   With 25 years of Wall Street Experience, an MBA in International Finance, and having achieved financial peace, I feel uniquely qualified to assist your child by helping them learn about Economics and Personal Finance.  I am also a homeschool dad of two children, so I understand the challenges we parents face on a daily basis.  My goal is simply to assist you by providing your child with a firm understanding of the principles we are studying and getting them to see how these topics directly relate to their lives.  I also hope to inspire them with the knowledge that their future opportunities are bright! I thank you in advance for giving me the opportunity to work with your child.

Course Prerequisites:  Students in the 10th-12th grades

Everything in these classes will directly apply to the student’s life.  We will pull our discussion points right from the news headlines and real life situations.  In the first semester – Economics – we will discuss basic economic principles which have made America a great country as well as other important economic philosophies from around the globe.  In the second semester – Personal Finance – we will focus on financial accountability and provide the student with the steps necessary for them to have a foundation in which they will be able to start their adult life on the right financial foot and ultimately enjoy a life of financial independence.

Required Materials and Text:
Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell (5th edition)
Foundations in Personal Finance High School Edition for Home School (student text) by Dave Ramsey

Tuition*$355 per student.  May be paid in full or as 2 payments to Rich Rundlett, postdated for July 1st and October 1st.
Please arrange payment directly with Tutor.
*Non-refundable after July 1st.

Supply Fee$75 Non-refundable. 

*Class size minimum set at 6 registered students. All fees will be held until minimum is met.

*All fees are nonrefundable after July 1st unless a class does not meet the minimum requirement of students. Please check with individual tutors about their minimum requirements per class.


Tuition payment arrangements must be made with individual tutors.
A nonrefundable Early Registration fee of $60 per student will be paid directly to Community (max. $180 per family) via online registration.
Registration is $70 per person after May 31st (max. $210 per family).

NOTE: Registration is not complete until registration fees and tutor supply/material fees* are paid at our Open House. Registrations after Open House are to be completed with all fees paid to tutors within two weeks of online registration in order to avoid restarting the registration process.

*All fees are nonrefundable after July 1st.

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