Study Hall is available!

Study Hall is available for students during each class session. This is a convenience to students who need to be dropped off early, stay late or have time between classes. No tutoring is available during this time but a quiet place to do homework will be provided.

Note: If your student is on the premises but not enrolled in a class during a specific class period, he or she will be required to be enrolled in Study Hall.

The first payment ($60) is due and dated for immediate deposit at our yearly parent meeting.
The second payment ($60) should be postdated for October 1st and will also be collected at the parent meeting or pay in full.

A deposit of $20 due to complete registration and hold student's place for Study Hall.


Weekly Drop In Study Hall available on an as needed basis for $10 per day.
*Minimum of 6 students per session.

Please make payments to Tracy Domino.

Tuition payment arrangements must be made with individual tutors.
A nonrefundable Early Registration fee of $60 per student will be paid directly to Community (max. $180 per family) via online registration.
Registration is $70 per person after May 31st (max. $210 per family).

NOTE: Registration is not complete until registration fees and tutor supply/material fees* are paid at our Open House. Registrations after Open House are to be completed with all fees paid to tutors within two weeks of online registration in order to avoid restarting the registration process.

*All fees are nonrefundable after July 1st.


Community Tutors are contracted to serve as enrichment tutors alongside a comprehensive home education program.
Grade reporting is the responsibility of the student's parent or guardian.


Note: Community is not an umbrella school and recommends the students of Community be registered with a home education umbrella school.