Media Design Computer Applications

Foundations for High School & Study Skills


Tutor: Betty Albert
Email: mydogsatemyhomework@yahoo.com
Phone: 901-387-2351

"In my almost 20 years of professional teaching experience, I have worked with kids at all levels including gifted & talented, special needs and everything in between. I strive to create a comfortable atmosphere where students at all levels will succeed. In addition to Media Design Computer Applications, I teach LEGO Learning, Anatomy & Physiology, and High School S.T.E.M. at Community Tutorial. My mission in all my classes is to connect concepts to real world applications and make learning fun!"

Grade level: 9th - 12th

This 30 week, project based course will use all Microsoft Office has to offer to create business type documents, reports, spreadsheets, presentations, and publications. The skills will enhance assignments in other courses and help prepare students to produce college level work. We will explore Google Drive, photo editing, mind maps and other technology tools available on the internet. Internet safety and etiquette will be addressed. Projects will include but are not limited to resumes, newsletters, webpages, databases, organizational tools, and marketing tools. 

Required Text:
Microsoft Office 2016 including WORD, POWERPOINT, and EXCEL and PUBLISHER. 
Students must bring laptop or equivalent to class each week.

$325 per year. Must be paid in 1, or 2 postdated checks to Betty Albert: July 1st and October 1st. 
Non-refundable after July 1. Payment arrangements to be made with tutor.
Lab/ Supply Fee: 
$75 per year.  Non-refundable

*All fees are nonrefundable after July 1st unless a class does not meet the minimum requirement of students. Please check with individual tutors about their minimum requirements per class.

"The High School Computer Class was terrific!  I had two children take this course.  The older child had a nasty prior experience with computers and refused to use computers for anything.  My next child had not been exposed to any computer use other than games.  Both children learned so much and became very comfortable with the programs. Awesome class!
I had two older children take similar classes in traditional high schools (one public and one private).  Your class blew the doors off both!"

~ Kathy, Community parent

Tutor: Suzanne Pike     
Email: writewithhope@gmail.com
Phone: 901-606-3331

Course Prerequisites: 8th through 10th

This class will provide a fun, confidence-building classroom experience that will build a strong foundation for high school level work. This is not a homework-heavy class. Students will work practically with their homework from other classes and home-based coursework. There will be 1-2 short essays per semester with most of the work done primarily in class.

• Organize binders, notes, and daily work 
• Improved comprehension, Greater confidence, and strong independence in academic workload
• Create daily student-led study plans
• Real-time skill building using current coursework as the basis of weekly lessons 
• Navigating online lesson plans with schoology

• Accessing valuable tools that streamline the students' homework experience

PLUS English Skills Covered:
• Organizing/sequencing ideas
• Improving sentence structure
• Developing strong paragraphs
• How to answer essay questions
• Grammar review
• Editing/proofreading

• Word processing/keyboarding

Practicing best work in the classroom and at home:
• Learn how to be an active classroom participant
• Practice taking notes in multiple formats

• Note-Taking from Textbooks and Lectures

Required Materials:
2 inch, solid 3 ring binder
one unopened package of notebook paper

$375 a year, paid in one or two post-dated checks to Suzanne Pike, July 1 and October 1

Supply Fee: $75

*Class size minimum set at 6 registered students. All fees will be held until minimum is met.

*All fees are nonrefundable after July 1st unless a class does not meet the minimum requirement of students. Please check with individual tutors about their minimum requirements per class.


Tuition payment arrangements must be made with individual tutors.
A nonrefundable Early Registration fee of $60 per student will be paid directly to Community (max. $180 per family) via online registration.
Registration is $70 per person after May 31st (max. $210 per family).

NOTE: Registration is not complete until registration fees and tutor supply/material fees* are paid at our Open House. Registrations after Open House are to be completed with all fees paid to tutors within two weeks of online registration in order to avoid restarting the registration process.

*All fees are nonrefundable after July 1st.

Community Tutors are contracted to serve as enrichment tutors alongside a comprehensive home education program.
Grade reporting is the responsibility of the student's parent or guardian.

Note: Community is not an umbrella school and recommends the students of Community be registered with a home education umbrella school.