Why History? 7 Reasons in Her Own Words...

Why does your student need a History classes at Community? Because our history tutor (and Community admin!), Heather Jones, KNOWS the importance of history class in a well-rounded education. 

Here are a just seven of many reasons, in her own words:

Get your homeschooled student included in a history class at Community in 2019-2020. We keep it hands-on and fun, incorporating technology that keeps today's teens engaged while they learn. Our high school English classes, Intro to World Lit and American Lit, are designed to complement the Social Studies offerings at Community and vice versa. In fact, Intro to World Lit, Modern World History, U.S. History, and American Lit are all taught by the same tutor! Check out high school English program HERE

Learn more about our high school history classes at the Social Studies/Histories page and register HERE.