New Art Program

We have been so fortunate to have Paul Miller heading up our Art program at Community for the last several years! His input with our students has been a wonderful asset to Community. In the last year, his family has been working hard to open a storefront studio. Paul is taking the leap to invest fully in this new endeavor. He is onboard to finish the 2018-2019 year strong with currently enrolled students but will not be returning in 2019-2020 as art tutor to Community students. Although we are sorry to see him go, we sincerely wish Paul and his wife, Lisa, all the best as they build for the future of their family business! Thank you for all you've given to Community and Memphis-area homeschool students over the years, Paul!

As Paul prepares to leave, we are planning for a brand new art program with an interim instructor, Olivia Avery.

As a homeschool graduate, Olivia is a perfect addition to Community's art program. Olivia's mentor, Gwen English, helped her to build a portfolio to attend Union University upon graduating with Memphis Area Homeschooling Association in 2013. After graduating with a fine arts degree in Studio Art, Olivia will serve as visiting artist for Gwen English in her current position as instructor at St. George's Independent School. As a homeschool grad from a family of 12 and a mentee of a popular art instructor in the Memphis homeschool community, we are confident that Olivia is the excellent fit to guide Community families through this transition. Olivia is among a talented group of young artists in the Memphis area with a passion for artistic creativity and mentoring young artists to reach their full potential. We are excited to be able to offer the opportunity for Community students to learn from her! You can meet Olivia at our upcoming Open House.

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