ACT Prep Course

Community is excited to offer the personalized online ACT Prep course, which we include in our Advanced Algebra, Online ACT Science Prep,  Advanced English classes at Community, to the rest of our current 9th-12th graders.  We have seen amazing results with these courses and want to make it possible for students who are not in these courses this year to access this. 

The course is $125 and will run from November 15th- April 30th.  It includes:
  • Official online ACT Prep which is accessible by the student for extra individualized work outside of class participation
  • Personalized feedback and content from your tutors, Jenny Radmer and Suzanne Pike
  • Weekly lesson plans that build your student's academic skill set, test-taking strategies, and the recommended practice time for success
In addition to the online course, we will be offering two opportunities for a mock ACT for $25 each. Our students have benefitted greatly by practicing the test in a "real life" set up, and we want to provide more opportunities to do this.  

To sign up for the course, please contact Suzanne Pike at or Jenny Radmer at, and we will get you all set up right away.