Meet our new Elementary thru Middle School Humanities tutor

I am fairly obsessed with history. To say I'm passionate about it is an understatement. I also love all things maps and cultures and religion studies. Creating a Humanities program for Community has been my joy and delight for the last 7 years. Humanities has been my "baby". Although other needs in other areas at Community have been presented, I have been hesitant to hand my Humanities program over. 

Right about the time Community was forming, I met a young lady named Shonte Hill, who begin attending my church and, subsequently, a women's life group I was leading. She was new in town as a freshly minted teacher with Teach for America who was also, well, a history nerd. It wasn't long before I recognized that Shonte and I are kindred spirits when it comes to our love of the Humanities. 

Shonte is a qualified teacher with years experience in a classroom as a reading specialist. She serves faithfully in many capacities as a staff member at The Love of Christ Church but, most recently, as an assistant to the lead pastor. 

"I live to see students making connections between what is happening in the classroom 
and what is going on in the wider world around them and their own lives." ~ Shonte Hill

This year, Shonte also joined our team at Community. She's been a valuable asset as she's assisted with classes and helped with administrative responsibilities. She is a definite answer to prayer for me this year and just what I need to begin the transition from focusing on elementary to middle school classes to high school level classes. Friendly and engaging, she has taken a genuine interest in our students and our program at Community. She keeps me and the other tutors encouraged. Not only is she an experienced traditional school teacher but she is also passionate about learning herself. With a youthful enthusiasm, Shonte particularly loves history, literature, cultures, and all that goes along with a well-rounded Humanities class. For these reasons, I am now at complete peace with the choice to hand over the reigns of Community's Humanities classes to "Ms. Shonte" as I take on new responsibilities of high school English and high school History. I KNOW she will lovingly care for our elementary through middle school Humanities program!

Additionally, Ms. Shonte will be continuing in her roll as American Literature with Composition tutor in English 10/11 for 2018-2019.

You can learn more about the Humanities classes Shonte will offer next year by clicking HERE. Learn more about other classes we are offering in 2018-2019 by clicking HERE. .