Oh, math. All the math.

The demand for math tutoring is high among home schoolers - particularly when parents face the daunting task of covering the advanced math required for high school graduation.  
At Community, our math game is strong! We offer excellence in math from Middle School Math to Precalculus. Our math tutor, Jenny, works hard to choose the best and most cost-efficient curriculum. 

Let me tell you how I explain to everyone who asks just what it is that makes Jenny herself such a popular math tutor and why I choose her personally for my family. Jenny constantly strives for excellence and to ensure mastery for each and every student she has. In fact, Ms. Jenny has been known to hide in the supply closet at the end of a long tutoring day, in tears. This is not because she's over theorems and tangents, but because she is devastated when even one of her students is struggling. To say she is dedicated is a huge understatement! 

At Community, we feel so fortunate to have her expertise to offer our families! 

Since updating our 2016-2017 schedule due to higher demand for math, we are currently offering an overflow Geometry and Algebra 2 classes on Mondays in addition to our Wednesday math offerings. (Classes meet once per week.)

You can learn more about Jenny's classes HERE

We still have availability in several of our classes for 2016-2017. Register for math and other classes HERE.

~ Heather Jones, Community director and parent