We heart our homeschool community!

We recently asked some of our Community parents to give us referrals because potential Community moms want to know their kids are in good hands while away from them. As homeschooling moms, we GET that! What one mom had to say about her Community experience last year perfectly states our vision for our community:

"I'm not sure how to put into words a quote from me about Community. For me, Community is more than a place to drop off my kids and check off a subject they need to complete. It has been a place where we've found friends, both kids and adults, and guidance in school and even parenting. We've gone through things together and that's so much better than going through them alone!"

~ Cindy, homeschooling mom of 2 & Community parent

Thank you for your kind words, Cindy!

We won't claim to be all things to all people but we are so honored when we are able to meet or exceed the expectations and needs of families walking along the same road as our own. It may not take a whole village to raise a child but it sure is nice to share this encouraging support with each other to accomplish this endeavor of home education. 

That goes for Community with a big "C" AND a little "c". :)

YOU always encourage US, Community families, 
and we are grateful for your trust in what we do at Community!