There's still time to register for 2015-2016 Community classes!

THANK YOU, parents and students, 
for another successful year at Community Tutorial!

The students worked hard and had a fun year. We had some great victories along with a few struggles and learned so much. Our desire for Community Tutorial is to create a culture where all feel welcome and loved while maintaining excellence. We strived all year to do just that and the feedback we received from you on our year end survey gave us confidence that we are on the right track as well as  helped us to know how to improve as we move forward.

Since classes have dismissed, tutors and administrators are enjoying a break while quietly preparing for a full new year of classes for elementary through high school homeschoolers that will begin on August 24th, 2015

 If you are looking for enrichment classes and a little support for your homeschool family, we still have some availability and would love for you to join us in 2015-2016! We still have availability in the following classes:

Elementary thru Middle School

High School

We also heard from many of you and were able to add some new classes after our open house to our schedule for next year. We were excited to be able to announce in April that we now have a much needed Spanish program for high schoolers to earn a Foreign Language credit AND a high school Physics class for our seniors looking for an upper level Science course! These classes all still have availability! Please see here for Spanish I and II and here for Physics info and to contact those tutors.

Study Hall is also available for all grades.

There may be updated availability in any classes. We have an ongoing registration. Please contact tutors directly if you have any questions about specific classes. Sometimes, folks have to withdraw for various reasons and you may be able to squeeze in a class that was previously full! You can find contact info on class pages or by clicking on the class titles on the calendars here.

We look forward to seeing familiar and new faces in a couple of months! 

Have a wonderful summer!

Did you miss our registration but would like to register your homeschooler for classes at Community? 
Here are your next steps:

1) See our 2015-2016 offerings class here, clicking on the class title to see tutor contact information.
2) Choose classes and contact tutors to find out about availability of classes, curriculum, and fee & tuition information.
3) Reserve your student's spot with individual tutors.* 

4) Download Community Registration paperwork packets* here.
5) Contact Suzanne Pike at for the address to send your registration packet and payments. Please do not contact or send registration to the church.

*Your registration is not complete until all registration, supply and tuitions fees and paperwork is completed. 

Contact us HERE if you have any questions. 
We are happy to help! 
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Tuition payment arrangements must be made with individual tutors.
Classes are not guaranteed until registration is complete.

*Registration is $50 per student after May 31st (max. $150 per family).

Registration is not complete until registration fees and tutor supply/material fees are paid. Please see individual class pages for tutor payment instructions.

Please do not mail any registration or tuition fees to Highland Church. Contact Suzanne Pike at for more info on mailing in fees.

All fees are nonrefundable after July 1st.

Community Tutors are contracted to serve as enrichment tutors alongside a comprehensive home education program.
Grade reporting is the responsibility of the student's parent or guardian.
Note: Community is not an umbrella school and recommends the students of Community be registered with a home education umbrella school.