BackStory: Sherry

It takes courage to tell your own story and this BackStory is no exception. Sherry speaks her heart for her family and other families who may be struggling with the decision to take the plunge into home education. She homeschools 16 year old Mikayla and 14 year old Ben alongside her husband, Dan, as well as leading our Community Support Group. She is passionate about encouraging homeschool moms and we love that about her! Her story may sound familiar to some but will be an encouragement to many who need reminding 
that "there is great joy in each day". Thank you, Sherry, for sharing your BackStory!

Be encouraged and inspired.

Schedules. Recess. Lunch lines.

"Unbelievably, our homeschool journey began with traditional school. When we started our school years with our daughter, the Lord literally threw open the doors for her to attend one of the top elementary schools in the Memphis area. Not only did He open doors for her to go to school there, He put me very quickly into roles of leadership in the PTO and as Teaching Assistant at the school. By the time our son Ben started school, we were very involved. We had no reason to pull our children out of a great school. I was so against homeschooling. I saw no real reason to teach my kids at home when they had schools they could attend.

We were having a great time at school with friends when the Lord started showing both my husband Dan and me that our kids needed to be at home and out of the environment we had placed them in. Convincing me was not an easy job. This was our life but I was beginning to see things on the inside that are not always reported. I began to hear about where education was going and what our kids would be entrenched in as they would learn. We were teaching our kids certain values at home as they were being exposed to so much of what we don’t believe. I was struggling for a long time without talking to anyone about it. I saw and heard things daily that I tried to make sense of but I kept telling myself we should attend this school because it was a great school and we had great teachers. But, the biggest reason was, I was against homeschooling. 

Can we teach our children to be salt and light in the few hours that we have them at home and then throw them into the opposite environment and have them struggle? At some point, that light goes out.

There were lots of reasons why I was against homeschooling which, today, are funny to me: "I could not teach my kids anything." "Where will they make friends? Of course, we want our kids to have friends and be social. I found out that socialization for a homeschool student is so easy if that is what you want for them. There is so much out there that you have to really pick and choose what you do or you won’t get the bookwork done!

I started asking questions of a few homeschool friends because at the time I did not understand why they were homeschooling. A friend told me about a program that basically planned your year out for you and all I had to do was make sure the work was done. WOW, that changed my whole thought process. I told my husband about it on the way home and he admitted that he had been thinking about homeschooling but knew I was so against it. So we both just waited on the Lord’s timing. What perfect timing it was! 

One day Dan dropped me off for work, and just as I got there the school went on lock down. It was not a major issue, but as I walked down a very deserted hallway I literally laughed out loud and said, “Ok, Lord, I got it; we will make plans and not come back next school year.” We pulled the kids out the next fall as they were going into the 3rd and 5th grades. 

One of our other issues with being in a traditional school was that our son does not learn as fast as others. He does not have a learning disability. He just learns on what we lovingly call "Ben time". He was beginning to be labeled as a slow learner. It was really pulling him down to where he would tell us “I can’t” do whatever was asked of him. For the first semester of our homeschool year, there were a ton of tears for all of us. We would get frustrated with each other, our new schedules, and how to get in extras, and on and on. But we made it. Our second school year we began branching out and finding things that work for Ben, and soon he was right on grade level and taking off. Now, he still works on Ben time, but he is on grade level and doing great. 
Now in our sixth year of homeschooling, the kids have are very successful in this endeavor that we do as a family. 

If you are considering bringing your children home for this venture, I want to encourage you. Every day may be different for you. There will be tears, laughs, hugs, prayers, frustration, and you will need help from time to time. Don’t give up. I have to admit it is hard to come out of a school system where every day of every year is planned for you but if this is what the Lord has told your family to do, there is great joy in each day! 

I would be very happy to help you get started. There is so much out there, so much curriculum and so many activities, that it is overwhelming to all of us. That is the best part. We can plan according to each child all created for something greater than rigid schedules, recess on demand, and standing in lunch lines!"

When Sherry says she is happy to help, she means just that! Contact Sherry at if you are considering homeschooling and need support.