Thank you, Memphis homeschool community!

We are humbled and amazed at the turnout we had at our Open House on February 26. We lost count of how many families came through the doors. We met many new faces and we enjoyed a day of fellowship with familiar ones!
We want to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your encouraging words and your faith in us. 
When beginning this endeavor, we never imagined we would tap into such need in the local homeschool community. And, need, there is! The Need is more than a Chemistry tutor or an IEW expert or even to help keep us accountable throughout the school year. 

The Need is for real community.

As it turns out, we need to be amongst our fellow homeschoolers so we don't feel isolated or alone as we take on the incomparable and increasingly relevant task of educating our families in the way we envision for them. The feedback we get from homeschool families and prospective homeschoolers is both encouraging and inspiring. Based on emails and long chats with, sometimes hopeful & enthusiastic, but often, desperate & weary moms, we have found there are many, just like us, who need to get plugged into a supportive community. As we grow, more needs surface. Our desire is to continue to be able to meet these needs while staying as genuine as possible. We want to offer more than just tutoring but also strengthen our support group and moms dinners. We've been blessed with some new leadership in this area and look forward to seeing more in 2015 and beyond. We are grateful!

To be honest, we are currently stretched to capacity in many classes but we still have some availability for 2015-2016. High School Art, High School Electives, including Public Speaking and Economics, and High School History still have some openings. Please see subject pages to learn more about classes and contact tutors directly for updated availability. You can also access our schedule of classes that link directly to subject pages here.

Thank you, Community, for growing our hearts in ways we couldn't have asked or imagined with real relationships and a healthy community. We look forward to seeing all that the future holds for Memphis homeschoolers!

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