Make it happen!

Calling all homeschool moms with kids who are struggling!

That's likely every one of us, in one way or another. Whether that means they need to make new friends, make better friends or just have an opportunity to nurture Community relationships, we are all dealing with something. It's difficult to watch our kids struggle. In a perfect world, we'd be all they need but if you've parented for even a short amount of time, you already know that sometimes we need to bring in reinforcements in the form of positive outside influences.

The heart's cry we hear from so many of our families is that they need more opportunities to just hang out. We don't just want to be called Community but we want to be IN community. We can always use more community!

Did you know we have a Moms Dinner once a month? In case you are not familiar, a Moms Dinner is where we eat too many brownies (gluten-free and gluteny!) and get real with one another about messy houses and homeschooling. Sound good? Join us next month to learn all about how imperfectly awesome we are as moms! Come as you are, especially if you're in yoga pants and flip flops. Watch our Facebook page for details on upcoming dinners. It's a relaxed and encouraging evening with lots of food and fun!

Since moms are getting encouraged and full of brownies, we'd love to launch a similar social outlet for our kids. They meet and enjoy one another each week during classes but a half hour lunch period may not be enough time to cultivate some of their blossoming relationships. If you'd like to plan an event or field trip for Community homeschoolers (doesn't necessarily have to be educational!), please let us know and we can help you get the word out to all of the families in our network. We'd love to promote your event and let these kids enjoy some time just hanging out together. Past events have included trips to Sun Studios, Theatre Memphis and Windermere Farms. What will we do this year as a community?

Make it happen for the kids, homeschool mom! If you don't, no one will!

If you are interested in planning an event for the kids at Community, contact Heather at heatherlpj(at) with all the details so we can pass it on to our community.

Please contact us here with questions about Community. 
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