BackStory: Community

Most of us probably didn't grow up being homeschooled. 

As homeschool families, we identify with one another as an extended family of sorts.

We get each other. 
We support one another. 
We NEED each other. 

And we need community. 

With this relationship in mind, 
we chose the name Community

As homeschool families, we take refuge in the knowledge that we are not alone but strive alongside an entire community of families whose hearts are with us.

Above all else, community is our standard.

Each homeschool-enriching tutorial has its own flavor and style. Community is definitely not one-size-fits-all because homeschool families are anything but generic. Our policy is to never try and talk anyone into our program but trust that the folks who need our special brand of community will find their way to us. 
From tutors to students, we are intentional with our approach to homeschool families. We've seen kids come to us who were having a hard time fitting in elsewhere but are thriving at Community. Our desire is to continue to make every student feel welcome and be a good steward of the trust families place in us.

If you are new to the home education community in the Memphis area, be encouraged about all the options available to your family! There are many strong programs in the Memphis area. While we are especially proud of ours, we invite you to explore all your options and find the place where you believe your family can thrive.

You can find our schedule of class offerings HERE.

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