Meet Paul!

Over the past year, Community has received multiple requests for art class offerings for all ages. Since we begin our planning process early, we had considered several options, hoping to be able to offer a quality art program at Community beginning in the fall 2014. Having exhausted all leads up to the last minute before announcing our new schedule, we were discouraged. No art tutor we interviewed was panning out. We were resigned to putting a Community art program on the back burner for another season when we casually sent out several more messages as a final effort. Almost immediately, we had one name recommended to us by 4 different, unconnected folks as well as the endorsement of a highly respected art tutor in the homeschool community. Upon such great recommendations, we put in a call to Paul Miller. We knew he was a perfect fit when, during that first conversation, he placed us on hold to explain to his young son that he needed to play quietly because "Mommy is making a person and needs her nap". If he gets that, he definitely gets homeschool families!

Paul is not just a family man but a talented and accomplished artist as well as a gifted teacher. He credits his wife, Lisa (also a teacher), with recognizing that he had it in him all along to teach. His passion for art expression traces back to his childhood when he begin drawing and painting. As the only artist in his family, he understands how to encourage that expression in his students while guiding them through a variety of media and techniques.

He currently runs an after school art program at the U of M Campus School and is pursuing his freelance career. You can see more of his personal art work here or catch the upcoming reception featuring his pieces at Gallery Fifty Six.  A gallery of past and present students' art pieces can be viewed on his website and, while you're at it, check out the fantastic testimonials for Paul by students and parents alike.

In addition to his class offerings with Community for 2014-2015, Paul is offering an upcoming Visual Art workshop with Community this spring. The registration fee for spring workshops is free for new families and you can find out more about all of them at our Open House on February 27th.

See Paul's 2014-2015 class offerings here.

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by Heather Jones