Meet Emily!

We are so thrilled to introduce Emily Ford, who has graciously agreed to tutor our upper high school students for Advanced English with British Literature.

Emily is well known among many homeschool families as the instructor at Southwest Tennessee Community College who is "homeschool friendly". She has unwittingly become an asset to our community and now we get to sing her praises as a Community tutor!

Emily has a passion for teaching, writing and literature which eventually led her to pursue her master's degree at University of Central Arkansas and become a college professor and a freelance writer as well as editorialist. She enjoys literature of all kinds but Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Joyce Carol Oates are among her favorites.

Emily will tell you that she did not earn her degrees with the intention of teaching but because she loves language and learning and these are what she excels in. She explains best in her own words how she came to teaching:

"When I was expecting my first child, I knew that I did not want to work full time. So, I quit and took freelance writing jobs in the Features department at The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. This was a nice way for me to continue writing, this time about much more interesting topics, on a part-time basis which allowed for me to enjoy raising my son. At the time, my husband and I were still living in the town where we went to college. In what I now recognize as not merely coincidence, but rather Divine Intervention, I ran into a professor of mine whom I had worked for in the writing lab during graduate school. She asked if I had ever considered teaching a class since I had my Master’s. I decided that might be a nice fit for me and my family.

Now, picture this. I breeze into the English department offices of the University of Central Arkansas pushing my one-year-old son in a stroller with my resume in hand. I am just planning on handing it to the secretary and going on about my day. I clearly remember being in shorts. The secretary tells me that the dean of the department may have time to see me right then. Uhhhh. I believe his intention was to check off that he had seen me and then dismiss me because the rumor was that UCA tended not to hire graduates as their adjuncts. So in I go with Jacob, stroller, and all. For some reason, Dr. Harvey was, I think, pleasantly surprised by me and liked that I had writing experience. I was hired. Teaching two classes that semester while a good friend took care of my son gave me my first taste in the classroom and I was hooked. I enjoyed the students and the reading and writing we did together. It felt more like a calling than any job I’d had before."

Learn more about Emily's teaching style as well as information about her exclusive Community class offering for 2015-2016 here. We know you and your student will appreciate Emily as much as we do when you see her in action doing what she was called to do!

"She made my first college level class way less intimidating than I expected. She wanted us to develop our own voices but gave us structure and help along the way."
- Sarah, Current Southwest student in our graduating homeschool class of 2014 

by Heather Jones