Homeschool Beginners (Part Four): One Day At A Time


As homeschool parents, there is much to consider in terms of curriculum, social, spiritual and family needs and the responsibility to make these things happen is often squarely on our shoulders. This is the choice we've made for our families and choices are a good thing. However, when making decisions for our homeschool, many factors exist and it can be stressful to sift through them. Many families create mission statements for themselves, which is an excellent way to organize these factors into goals for your family. Consider creating your own mission statement, family plan or goal chart (or whatever you want to call it) each year for each homeschooler in your family before you begin your curriculum search or plan extracurricular activities.

A family mission statement does not have to be an official document. It can simply be a resource for you as a homeschool parent to keep yourself on track. It is an extremely helpful tool, even if you just write it in a notebook with practical applications included. Examples range from "Have Susie learn all her multiplication facts by Christmas" to "Get involved in a service project" to a complete mission statement (or verse) such as "We commit to homeschooling with the goal of developing excellent character traits, family unity and a culture that encourages a love of learning". There are many resources available but a couple of good starting points are here and here and here.

Most importantly, whether you're a beginner or a veteran, be encouraged. All questions do not have to be answered at once and you reserve the right to figure one thing out at a time. If you are engaged and committed to educating your homeschooler, you will know what he or she needs and when. One decision will not doom your entire homeschooling endeavor. Rather, in each new experience you try, you will learn even more about yourself and your family as each hour, day, semester and year passes. 

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