Chemistry is more than mixing!

Community's High School Science program is proving popular enough to warrant overflow classes for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year. Much of this popularity is due to our tutor, Kellye Albritton, who connects with her students and manages to make challenging subjects interesting. She is a committed tutor and this reflects in the results she gets with students and families that return year after year with sibling after sibling. Recently, Kellye held a workshop for home educating families and explained her approach to teaching Chemistry, with a special emphasis on learning the math formulas, to high school students:

"In Chemistry, students should be able to know what it is they are mixing and why. Many classes focus on the mixing of chemicals but the student has little knowledge of what happened in the experiment. I like my classes to focus on the concepts of Chemistry. I want my students to be able to balance chemical equations, understand valence electrons, read the periodic chart in detail and use stoichiometry in many different ways. 

Much of Chemistry involves math formulas to find information. Students should learn these concepts in interesting ways that stick with them even at the end of the year! 

In my classes, I do experiments, as well as some models and hands-on activities, but I believe it is just as important to understand the how and why as it is to mix chemicals."

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