Why utilize a homeschool tutorial?

Those who choose home education are as diverse as those who choose public or private school. The homeschool community has evolved and enlarged to include families from all walks of life with as many reasons to educate their children at home. A stereotype no longer applies to the phrase "homeschooler" as we see more people from liberal to conservative, homesteader to classical educator and religious to secular join the ranks. In fact, homeschooling appears to be the fastest-growing form of education. According to 2010 estimates, homeschoolers numbered near 2.3 million and that number grows yearly*.

As these numbers rise, so does the need for homeschool-specific books, curriculum, services and support. Tutorials can be an enriching part of a homeschooling program and families utilize tutorials for many different reasons:

The need for group interaction. There is no competition for the one-on-one interaction within the homeschool setting but the group/peer experience is a valuable exercise for any student. Having a student in the classroom engaging with peers as well as other authority figures in a safe and positive environment is an excellent way to "stretch" a socially reluctant student or provide an outlet for an extrovert.

Multiple children with multiple needs. It can be challenging to educate at several different levels and parents often turn to tutorials to ensure that students are getting more specialized attention in certain subjects.

The need for support. Often, as homeschoolers, we have a need to join with other families to support one another as we determine the best educational course for our families. Tutorials will provide this support as well as weekly lesson plans and feedback on a student's progress in enrolled subjects.

Upper level classes become a challenge. Homeschoolers have a culture of resourcefulness. If a homeschool family does not feel equipped to train students in middle or high school level subjects, they will find someone who can get their child what he or she needs.

Life's seasons and challenges. As with all families, homeschoolers have challenges and seasons in the life of their families where they may need extra support. Tutorials are a great resource for families who are relocating, having new babies, dealing with illness or even particularly trying stages of development in children.

Honestly, sometimes Mom just needs a break! As the bulk of the daily homeschooling is on Mom, she may begin to experience "burn-out" at some point with the huge responsibility of educating children through the ages and stages of their development. She might need some help along the way and a tutorial is one option to get her the relief she needs on a daily and weekly basis.

Homeschooling is a big tent and the demand for tutorials is growing. There are many options to choose and many reasons to choose. Community was formed in an effort to provide a need for the growing demand in Memphis. Our desire is to continue to build the homeschool community in our area by providing experienced tutors who are passionate about what they teach in a supportive and safe environment. We strive to teach what we love and love what we teach!

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by Heather Jones, posted January 17, 2013.

*According to Dr. Brian Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute