Back to School Open House

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BackStory: Community

Most of us probably didn't grow up being homeschooled. 

As homeschool families, we identify with one another as an extended family of sorts.

We get each other. 
We support one another. 
We NEED each other. 

And we need community. 

With this relationship in mind, 
we chose the name Community

As homeschool families, we take refuge in the knowledge that we are not alone but strive alongside an entire community of families whose hearts are with us.

Above all else, community is our standard.

Each homeschool-enriching tutorial has its own flavor and style. Community is definitely not one-size-fits-all because homeschool families are anything but generic. Our policy is to never try and talk anyone into our program but trust that the folks who need our special brand of community will find their way to us. 
From tutors to students, we are intentional with our approach to homeschool families. We've seen kids come to us who were having a hard time fitting in elsewhere but are thriving at Community. Our desire is to continue to make every student feel welcome and be a good steward of the trust families place in us.

If you are new to the home education community in the Memphis area, be encouraged about all the options available to your family! There are many strong programs in the Memphis area. While we are especially proud of ours, we invite you to explore all your options and find the place where you believe your family can thrive.

If you are interested in learning more about Community and what we offer, you are welcome to come see us at our Back to School Open House:


Back to School Open House


August 21st

6p to 7p


While some classes are full, we have availability in several and would love to have you join us. Current Community families have the benefit of being first in line for our Early Registration in 2015. 
You can find our schedule of class offerings for 2014-2015 HERE.

Please contact us here with questions about Community. 
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Summer Break

Community is closing up shop for a few weeks. Please contact tutors directly for registration information. See individual classes for availability. 

Have a great summer and see you in August, homeschool families! 

Strong math and science prepares your middle schooler for high school.

Calling all parents of MIDDLE SCHOOLERS!!!

Do you need a strong Pre-Algebra tutor to prepare your student thoroughly & patiently for the higher math to come? We have limited openings with Jenny on Mondays. Jenny has many years of experience tutoring privately and has become a favorite of Community parents! She recently offered an ACT workshop and stays current on all things math, facilitating students throughout all upper level math classes. Contact her here to register for Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus.

Do you have a burgeoning scientist? Community's Monday Middle School Science filled so quickly, we've already added a new one on Wednesday! Middle School Science overflow class is now open and accepting registration. This class will fill quickly so you should grab a spot for your student by contacting Becky here! You can learn more about Becky here.

The best part? If you need both of these classes, you don't have to choose! See Pre-Algebra on Monday and Wednesday MS Science overflow on our 2014-2015 schedule here.

Either of these ladies would be happy to answer questions about their classes. Contact them today to hold your student's spot and see our 5 Easy Steps to register with Community here.

We'd love to have your family join us at Community next year! Community families get first preference for new and available classes and will access our schedule before we release it to everyone else. Next year, as a Community family, you'll be first in line!

 Please contact us here with questions about Community and follow us on facebook and Twitter 
for homeschooling encouragement and inspiration.

Do you have your plans in place for 2014-2015?

Community is still registering for classes for the 2014-2015 school year. We can't believe how full we are already! What a difference a year makes! We are thrilled to be partnering with so many new homeschool families for 2014-2015.

Do you have your plans in place? We'd love to have you join us for 2014-2015! Contact us and we will help you get started or answer your questions. If we can't offer you what you need, we will direct you to someone who can, even if it's another local tutorial. We are in this homeschooling thing just like you and love the eclectic community we are part of in Memphis and the surrounding areas!

Community is proud of our excellent team of tutors because we see firsthand how much they care about our families and students' success! Their classes are filling quickly or nearing maximum capacity. If you want in for next year, contact tutors now to reserve your student's spot!

Current availability (depending on level) in the classes below:

=> Histories: High School American and World (limited) 

=> Humanities 1 (limited)

=> American Government (1st semester)

=> Sciences: HS overflow, MS overflow (limited space) and A & P

=> Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 and 2, Pre-Calculus

=> Art (3rd grade and up)

=> High School English 3 

=> British Literature w/ college prep writing and ACT prep (for upper level HS students)

=> Elementary Writing (limited space)

Click here for our 5 EASY STEPS process with no lines 
and no waiting and discounted registration until May. 

Community is happy to answer questionsencourage and support homeschool moms & dads!
Let us know how we can partner with YOU!

Meet Beth!

Beth Vess is our newest Community tutor, offering both American History and American Government. She is a veteran homeschool mom with a passion for life-long learning. Sure, she comes with credentials but, more importantly, she comes with enthusiasm to inspire and teach students. Her family has been part of the Community family from the very beginning. She has always been such an encouragement to us and we are so thrilled she agreed to join our team of tutors for 2014-2015!

Beth lives in Tipton County, TN with husband, John, and youngest son, Paul. She has successfully launched 3 homeschool graduates into college and careers. A true homeschool pioneer, she describes her early homeschooling years as a little bit solitary and "finding my own way" which is why she's delighted to see the many resources and opportunities now available to the Memphis-area homeschooling community!

Beth loves to talk gardening, has a keen interest in history and approaches literature like many do a sporting event! She's a born teacher who's invested in students' success, both personal and academic. In fact, Beth is already preparing for her future students with dedicated research planned all summer long! (Did we mention how she loves to learn?)

Caught in the act! Beth is a born teacher.
If you have a homeschooling high schooler who needs a Social Studies credit, contact Beth for more info on how you can register with Community. Our registration fee is discounted through May and, as a Community family, you will have first dibs on Community's classes before next year's registration season begins. We'd love to partner with you for 2014-2015!

Our 2014-2015 schedule is here. See more on American History here and American Government here. See our 5 Easy Steps to register with Community here

For encouragement, inspiration and Community event updates, like us on 

Community Homeschool Support Group Planning Meeting

Community is holding a planning meeting for those interested in helping launch a homeschool support group. All homeschool families are welcome. This group will not be exclusive to current Community families and will operate autonomously from the Community tutorial. The goal is to provide opportunities for homeschool families to come together for field trips, service projects, special interest clubs and youth events. Possibly most important and #1 on the agenda will be to provide homeschooling moms an opportunity to get together at least once a month without an agenda other than to just relax and encourage one another!

We are looking for volunteers and leadership. If you are interested in learning more, please join us:

March 19th • 1pm 
Highland Church
400 N. Houston Levee

Learn more about our tutorial here! See our 2014-2015 class offerings here!

Backstory: Homeschool Mom

This blog has several articles in a series called Backstory, written to encourage current homeschool moms and dads. We also have a series called Homeschool Beginners because Community gets many questions from folks in both categories. When we say our heart is to encourage homeschool families, we really mean it. 
And, when I hear moms say that they want to homeschool but they are afraid, I know she is likely the best candidate for homeschooling because she is the mom who will find a way.
I have 4 kids from 10 to 20. I could write a blog series on all the mistakes I've made over the years but, I probably won't go that route. In spite of a faulty self, I have always tried my best to do what I felt was best for each of my kids, just like any other mom, homeschooler or not. My kids are home educated but I have been doing plenty of learning myself. Here's my Backstory.

I hope you will be encouraged and inspired.
- HJ

Most of us begin our homeschool journey with optimism and enthusiasm. We picture ourselves coming alongside our children with a firm but loving hand to guide them into becoming life-long learners. Diligent study skills, extraordinary projects, family reading time, and the joy of togetherness motivate us to say "yes" to a homeschool lifestyle of learning. We love them enough to make the sacrifices that educating at home entails and they will love us for it! Right? Well, sort of.

I know, for me, that lasted about a week. 

By Day 1, YOU may learn that they learn in a style much different from yours. By Week 2, YOU may learn that their intentions are much different from yours as well. After Month 3, YOU may learn that distractions are real life and, sometimes, can not be avoided because you are not running an institution but nurturing a home and family. As the school year drags determinedly along, you may learn that you're too hard, too soft, not quite as disciplined as you imagined you'd be, or maybe you just need to chill out because a crying student is not a learning student. The first days and weeks of homeschooling can make or break your plan over the next few years. 

When the real work of learning starts, it starts with you, homeschool mom. 

Go ahead and make your plans. Do it joyfully and obsessively because that's part of the process! Pore over books and new curriculum until your eyes cross because that's necessary. Join a support group, have long talks over endless cups of coffee with other homeschool moms, enroll your kids in too many extracurricular activities at church and in your community. Buy a how-to-homeschool book or two or dozens. Educate yourself on your favorite subject of all: your child.

Then, as you begin your homeschool season, remember that "a mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled". The responsibility you've undertaken is as innate in you today as it was when you guided them through eating, talking, walking and training. Just like then, you will learn that every scenario will not go as planned. You will learn to become flexible so you will not break.

Know this: There will be days you want to quit. Don't give up just yet. Determination and Perseverance will be called upon daily to play a huge role if you are to continue to fulfill the call to home educate.

There's a reason, along with so many others, I'm still here after 15 hard-fought seasons of homeschooling. I honestly believe it's worth it. Don't let fear keep you from doing what you feel like you are called to do for as long as you are called to do it. That's no way to live! Posting this transparent article is scary to me, but, if it helps encourage other homeschool moms, I can and will. If I can overcome my insecurities, misguided intentions, failures and all my fears, so can you!

Armed with determination, perseverance and lots of flexibility, you can succeed, homeschool mom. Your results will not come in yearly testing or grade point averages but, kindled carefully over time, you will learn that the rewards of homeschooling are immeasurable. At some point, the seemingly endless hours that you dedicated to your child's education will become a glimpse of a moment but will reflect forever in the person your child will become. And, you'll never regret the investment.

Someday, like my grown sons have, your child may even say, 'Thank you, Mom'.

(But, don't hold your breath just yet. ;)