Back to School Open House

Click HERE to see our 2015-2016 schedule of class offerings!

Thank you, Memphis homeschool community!

We are humbled and amazed at the turnout we had at our Open House on February 26. We lost count of how many families came through the doors. We met many new faces and we enjoyed a day of fellowship with familiar ones!
We want to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your encouraging words and your faith in us. 
When beginning this endeavor, we never imagined we would tap into such need in the local homeschool community. And, need, there is! The Need is more than a Chemistry tutor or an IEW expert or even to help keep us accountable throughout the school year. 

The Need is for real community.

As it turns out, we need to be amongst our fellow homeschoolers so we don't feel isolated or alone as we take on the incomparable and increasingly relevant task of educating our families in the way we envision for them. The feedback we get from homeschool families and prospective homeschoolers is both encouraging and inspiring. Based on emails and long chats with, sometimes hopeful & enthusiastic, but often, desperate & weary moms, we have found there are many, just like us, who need to get plugged into a supportive community. As we grow, more needs surface. Our desire is to continue to be able to meet these needs while staying as genuine as possible. We want to offer more than just tutoring but also strengthen our support group and moms dinners. We've been blessed with some new leadership in this area and look forward to seeing more in 2015 and beyond. We are grateful!

To be honest, we are currently stretched to capacity in many classes but we still have some availability for 2015-2016. High School Art, High School Electives, including Public Speaking and Economics, and High School History still have some openings as well as our newly announced (and growing daily!) early elementary program, Community Creative Learning. Please see subject pages to learn more about classes and contact tutors directly for updated availability. You can also access our schedule of classes that link directly to subject pages here.

We are happy to answer your questions here. We get many emails each week so if you don't hear back right away, please contact us again. We promise we are not ignoring you on purpose! We are also busy homeschool moms!

Thank you, Community, for growing our hearts in ways we couldn't have asked or imagined with real relationships and a healthy community. We look forward to seeing all that the future holds for Memphis homeschoolers!

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All-in-one Memphis-area homeschool resource at Community's Open House!

Open House rescheduled due to inclement weather:

Community is having an Open House and Early Registration on February 26th. You are invited to join us along with Memphis Home Education Association, Homelife Academy, Faith Heritage Academy and lots of homeschool sports reps. See our facility, meet our tutors, and learn more about what we do to come alongside homeschool families as a tutorialWhile you're there, you can get all the info on Community Support Group and Moms Dinners

If you are new to homeschooling, we know you have many unanswered questions. At our Open House, you can pose all your homeschool questions to the people who've already done the research and blazed the trail. Cover schools and Memphis-area homeschool organizations will be there to answer your questions! 

Community's Open House provides an all-in-one resource under one roof! Whether you're currently homeschooling or considering homeschooling, our Open House and Early Registration is a wonderful opportunity for you! 

You are invited to join us:

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

11a to 1p 

at Highland Church 

You can see our 2015-2016 class schedule here.
If you are ready to register for one of our classes, our tutors are reserving spots now for all classes, including Community's new Early Elementary program. All the tutors will be available to answer your questions about classes. Contact tutors before February 19th to ensure your student has a spot in a desired class. 
Space is limited to keep tutor to student ratio low and classes are filling quickly!
Learn more about Commuity Creative Learning here

 Please contact us here with questions about Community and follow us on facebook and Twitter 
for homeschooling encouragement and inspiration.

2015-2016 Open House and Early Registration

Community is a tutorial geared to homeschooling families. Each of our classes meet once weekly during the school year and weekly lesson plans are assigned. Students can choose from one or multiple classes. Elementary through middle school classes are held on Mondays. Middle through high school classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays. We are striving to meet the needs of the homeschool community and have grown beyond what we could have ever imagined! 

From tutors to students, we are intentional with our approach to homeschool families. Homeschooling is not one-size-fits-all and neither are our homeschool familiesOur desire is to make every student feel welcome and be a good steward of the trust families place in us. We would not have it any other way! 

Our policy is to never try and talk anyone into our program but trust that the folks who need our special brand of community will find their way to us. 

In 2015-2016, we're excited to be able to offer several new classes, including a brand new Humanities class, more middle school Science, advanced high school art and more high school electives as well as our recently announced new early elementary program

If you are considering classes for your homeschooler, we'd love for you to come see what Community is all about! At our Open House and Early Registration, you can see our facility, meet tutors, learn about classes & support group activities as well as get your homeschool questions answered. 

You are invited to join us:

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

11a to 1p 

at Highland Church 

Our early elementary program, Community Creative Learning, will also be registering 1st through 3rd grade students at Community's Open House! 

Click here for more info on Community Creative Learning

Please see our schedule HERE and contact tutors as soon as possible to reserve your student's spot. Space is limited and classes will fill quickly.* 

*It is highly recommended to contact tutors early to get on waiting lists for their individual classes! Classes are not guaranteed until registration is complete.

Testimonials from our Community parents:

"We love Community! Thanks for all you do!" "Lovely family atmosphere. The tutors are nurturing. The teaching is excellent!" "Community has been a wonderful experience for our family!" "I love the curriculum, the accountability and ease of communication with tutors. My kids are really enjoying the classes as well!" "My child finally likes school because of her experience here. Thanks."

Meet Rich!

Rich Rundlett has a big brain but an even bigger heart. We are fortunate to have found such a capable tutor to bring Economics & Personal Finance to Community students with a real and engaging approach. After 2 minutes of hearing him speak about how he teaches, we knew he understood the kind of passion-led learning we love to offer to our homeschool families. Excitement and economics seem to be a paradox until Rich begins to describe his vision. We can't wait to share his knowledge with our Community families!

Just as generous as he is gifted, Rich is a family man who began volunteering his time and energy to Orange Mound Outreach Ministries after a trip to Jamaica where he had an epiphany about the ripeness of the mission field in his own back yard. Through OMOM, he has extended his passion for helping people right here in our own Memphis, TN! If asked to describe Rich in few words, I would simply say: He is a kind soul.

"Teaching Economics and Personal Finance is both a joy and a privilege for me. I believe that common sense and personal responsibility are building blocks to a successful financial future.  With 25 years of Wall Street experience, as well as an MBA in Finance, I feel uniquely qualified to share a perspective that will prepare and encourage today's youth. I am a homeschool dad of Wes, 16, and Maddie, 14, who are both Community students. My goal is to provide my own kids and each student I tutor with a firm understanding of economic principles that will directly apply to the students' lives and inspire them with the knowledge that their future opportunities are bright!" 

See our 2015-2016 Schedule HERE. See more on Economics & Personal Finance HERE.

Meet Lisa!

We are thrilled to announce our newest addition to Community with Lisa Miller! She will be serving the homeschool community with an Early Elementary Foundations class as well as an Beginning Readers' Workshop for 2015-2016. Lisa loves teaching, learning and, most of all, being a mommy! She attends Shady Grove Presbyterian Church where our brand new early elementary program, Community Creative Learning, will be held. She has a unique and genuine approach to education and we know she will be an asset to the Memphis homeschool community and our Community families! Lisa also happens to be the wife of our popular Art tutor, Paul Miller. We are fortunate to have her and look forward to growing our early elementary program with her in the future!

"Through each stage of my life, there was never a question of what I wanted to be when I grew up. When I was 9 years old, my first class of a group of stuffed animals and my baby brother would later inspire me to obtain my bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from the University of Memphis. Throughout my career, I have taught 1st through 3rd grades and have tutored students in kindergarten through 5th grades.  After 9 years, I made the hard decision to leave the world of full-time teaching to dedicate more time to my family.  I have 3 amazing sons who inspire me everyday and show me what it means to be a teacher. Their love of learning and natural curiosity to explore the world around them affirms even more for me my teaching philosophy. I believe that students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process and encouraged to take ownership of their learning. In order for students to make meaningful connections to the world around them, it is imperative that their needs and interests guide the curriculum. Learning should be hands-on and movement should be incorporated to keep students engaged. 

I am looking forward to this new stage in my life and joining the Community Family!"

To begin the registration process for your 1st through 3rd grade student for either class at at Community Creative Learning, go HERE. Space is limited. Contact tutor early to get on her class waiting list and come to our Open House in February to secure your student's place in class. Date to be announced soon! 

More Community in 2015!

Are you the kind who is already thinking about what your next year's homeschool will look like? If that's you, we are right there with you! Not only are we thinking about our next year but we are developing programs and adding classes to enhance Community Tutorial. We have heard from many of you in the past few months and are working hard to meet some of the needs of the Memphis homeschool community. In fact, we've been working on our new schedule of classes throughout the holiday break and it will be available to you in the coming weeks!

We are adding a couple of new tutors and expanding our schedule. We are also building a foundational program for early elementary homeschoolers, including a Reader's Workshop opportunity for 1st - 3rd grade students! The feedback so far has been amazing and we are delighted that we will be able to tap into a specific need for young homeschoolers.

As we finalize details for new classes and an additional program at a new location, we are beyond grateful to be serving the Memphis area homeschool community. Our Community families keep us encouraged and determined to strive for excellence in every thing we do. 
For this, we sincerely thank YOU, homeschool community!

All the information about our Open House, new early elementary program and 2015-2016 schedule of classes is coming soon. Keep an eye on or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on all upcoming events.

Just beginning your homeschool journey? See our series, Homeschool Beginners starting here. We are happy to answer any questions. You can contact us here!
by Heather Jones

Make it happen!

Calling all homeschool moms with kids who are struggling!

That's likely every one of us, in one way or another. Whether that means they need to make new friends, make better friends or just have an opportunity to nurture Community relationships, we are all dealing with something. It's difficult to watch our kids struggle. In a perfect world, we'd be all they need but if you've parented for even a short amount of time, you already know that sometimes we need to bring in reinforcements in the form of positive outside influences.

The heart's cry we hear from so many of our families is that they need more opportunities to just hang out. We don't just want to be called Community but we want to be IN community. We can always use more community!

Did you know we have a Moms Dinner once a month? In case you are not familiar, a Moms Dinner is where we eat too many brownies (gluten-free and gluteny!) and get real with one another about messy houses and homeschooling. Sound good? Join us next month to learn all about how imperfectly awesome we are as moms! Come as you are, especially if you're in yoga pants and flip flops. Watch our Facebook page for details on upcoming dinners. It's a relaxed and encouraging evening with lots of food and fun!

Since moms are getting encouraged and full of brownies, we'd love to launch a similar social outlet for our kids. They meet and enjoy one another each week during classes but a half hour lunch period may not be enough time to cultivate some of their blossoming relationships. If you'd like to plan an event or field trip for Community homeschoolers (doesn't necessarily have to be educational!), please let us know and we can help you get the word out to all of the families in our network. We'd love to promote your event and let these kids enjoy some time just hanging out together. Past events have included trips to Sun Studios, Theatre Memphis and Windermere Farms. What will we do this year as a community?

Make it happen for the kids, homeschool mom! If you don't, no one will!

If you are interested in planning an event for the kids at Community, contact Heather at heatherlpj(at) with all the details so we can pass it on to our community.

Please contact us here with questions about Community. 
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Community Xtension

Community is excited to announce our newest venture and second location, Community Xtension. We have developed and tailored a tutoring program for a group of Olympic hopeful gymnasts at Gymstars in Collierville, TN! Community tutors will be working alongside a wonderful group of parents who began a new venture themselves of homeschooling their daughters. These hard-working girls have displayed the desire and potential to train for high level gymnastic competitions. Jenny, Heather and Suzanne are honored to be contributing to the journey of these talented young ladies as they endeavor to make their dreams come true!

If you are interested in speaking with us about developing a similar program for your group, 
please contact us here.

by Heather Jones

Last chance registration for 2014-2015 classes!

Community tutors are busily preparing lesson plans and classrooms for the 2014-2015 school year. We are thrilled with how many families we've been able to add, thanks to our great new space and fabulous new tutors! We strongly believe in what we are doing and love to be able to encourage other families as we homeschool together. Classes are starting soon. If you'd like to join us, we have some availability for our 2014-2015 classes.

You're invited to our Back to School Open House to learn more about Community and what we have to offer the Memphis-area homeschool community. 


Back to School Open House


August 21st

6p to 7p


Open Registration will be available. As always, we recommended contacting tutors as soon as possible to reserve a spot for your student. Space is limited. Find our schedule of class offerings HERE.

While some classes are full, we have availability in several and would love to have you join us. Current Community families have the benefit of being first in line for our Early Registration in Spring 2015. 

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BackStory: Community

Most of us probably didn't grow up being homeschooled. 

As homeschool families, we identify with one another as an extended family of sorts.

We get each other. 
We support one another. 
We NEED each other. 

And we need community. 

With this relationship in mind, 
we chose the name Community

As homeschool families, we take refuge in the knowledge that we are not alone but strive alongside an entire community of families whose hearts are with us.

Above all else, community is our standard.

Each homeschool-enriching tutorial has its own flavor and style. Community is definitely not one-size-fits-all because homeschool families are anything but generic. Our policy is to never try and talk anyone into our program but trust that the folks who need our special brand of community will find their way to us. 
From tutors to students, we are intentional with our approach to homeschool families. We've seen kids come to us who were having a hard time fitting in elsewhere but are thriving at Community. Our desire is to continue to make every student feel welcome and be a good steward of the trust families place in us.

If you are new to the home education community in the Memphis area, be encouraged about all the options available to your family! There are many strong programs in the Memphis area. While we are especially proud of ours, we invite you to explore all your options and find the place where you believe your family can thrive.

You can find our schedule of class offerings for 2014-2015 HERE.

Please contact us here with questions about Community. 
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